Thursday, November 6, 2008

Raj, Raj & Sarkar Raaj

Did Rahul Raj believe in 'Rang De Basanti' world? Perhaps he assumed himself Steven Mallory of The Fountainhead and took it upon himself to erase Tooheys of this world. Yes, people in the intelligentsia would describe the incident as a rush of young blood. Those pillars of society would term it foolish and a cheap effort of grabbing attention, politicians would exploit it both ways, news channels would get more air time out of it and people like me would talk about him for 2-3 days and everything would be normal thereafter.

Was Rahul irrational in taking the weapon route?
Perhaps. But may be he knew what happened to
Satyendra Dubey, IIT Graduate, who was murdered for trying to expose corruption and to S.Manjunath ,IIM Alumnus, who met the same fate for same kind of daring. Honesty irrespective of its form, in this country has only one fate: the fate of Mr. Dubey, of Mr. Manjunath and now of Mr. Rahul Raj. The difference lies only in execution. But why am I comparing a juvenile and immature young man to the two stalwarts who chose to fight the system with the only weapon they had-their honesty and belief in them to be able to change the system?

Yes, their background was different, their means to take on the establishment were apart but their aim was same- to change the rotten lot for a better world and not by some petty gimmick but with the highest form of gallantry-their courage.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh threw the bomb in the assembly and gave himself up to Firangs, perhaps, he was aware that he would not be shot then and there. And he was given a chance to flaunt his heroics by the so called inhuman rulers. But here in this Democratic-Secular-Secure-Diverse-Free-Tolerant and Modern country, Mr. Rahul Raj seemed to have over expected the generosity- that it would be understood he did not want to kill innocents but was trying to register his protest against a vice- a threat against whom no politician, police officer or any common man could come out in open, not until it suited them. But the police, the state home minister, the center government, the opposition, the politicians of Bihar all by their respective responses have told crisp and clear that heroics of any form will be ripped apart, will be traded in political brothel called Parliament, will be mocked by compensation and will be forgotten after it's no more useful.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi-the heir apparent, he would spend night in a Dalit's House, would register his doubts about an institution the dumb-head never deserved but he will never come behind an honest man. Stop flaunting, you fake and accept after all you are just another greedy politician.

Mr. Lal Krishan Advani- the PM in waiting, if you think by demolishing a Mosque, by killing Christians, by illogical saffronnization you will achieve the coveted chair- you are dead right. In all probability you are our next PM and I thank you a lot for keeping mum at a hero's hanging.

Mr Sharad Pawar-Union Agriculture Minister, could you please tell us the number of farmers died, out of hunger, in your home state? I guess you were too busy in your BCCI stint. I should have asked the money you made out of IPL or how many centuries did Sachin score in your tenure? It was heartening to see your silence at Mr. Patil's comments on Rahul Raj Encounter. This is the only way you will be sent again to Parliament.

Mr Lallu Prasad Yadav, could you please tell the number of jobs you deprived from Bihari people during your 15 years of rule? I am mesmerized by the way you are exploiting his murder.

Yes, it's well known that all politicians are same and I am being carried away in stating the obvious. Yes, I am emotional and I am emotional because those fits of anger come across in my mind too, say, after a 'Rang De' or a Rahul's or Dubey's or Manjunath's murder. But I know I am coward and insecure and I can't take them outside my drawing room. I know it's easy to show your disgust in the confines of your comforts and also how impossible it is to gather the sort of bravery as the young man did?

Be rational, show tolerance and stay balanced in life- this is how you are groomed to be an ideal citizen.

I am asking how you can show restrain among all the chaos around. When you know anytime your body can be blasted by attention savvy terrorist, when you know the train you take to reach to your work place might well be your last journey just because the person sitting next to you have been pepped up to take your life, when you know people like
Raj Thakre do exist and they move freely and very soon they will be seen in parliament, when you know you can't be a part of this trash and also you know you are unable to come out of it. How?

I want to salute you Young Man but I can't as I don't deserve to. You bid adieu to this world and to all its commotion on your own terms, in your own chosen way and in trying to fight some of its evil. It does not matter that they will trade your dead body, it does not matter your manner and motive will never be understood, it does not matter people like you are always in rarity.

The important thing is people like you did exist.

For it was not an act of uproar,
It was helplessness at its core;
When you know nothing will yield a complain,
It is hard to show any restrain;
When you only chaos are in offing,
You will but hit the nail in that coffin;
When he knew it had reached that threshold,
He said it CIAO but did it only being bold.

Just when I am convinced that it's a nice world, the moment I am assured that mediocrity is a virtue, just the time I am assured that I can sustain myself among all the hype around, people like him come suddenly and show me the reality and its brutality and its absurdity.

Life is a bitch and yet again I am trying to be its dog.
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