Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here a worry, there a fury

Is it worth to make it large
You pause and you ask

If only there was nether 
Alas a benchmark

When useless is the glory
And fake all this bark

You turn to passion
And you want to surpass

But myth is a bitch
But history is a farce

This need to belong
It never makes you strong

This urge to flaunt
It always plays truant

When skill is a sham
When idols go ham 

Via a hero you escape
And a hero you blame

You hide being weak
You never admit bleak

But you love to exploit
And you love being coyed 

But love is a trade
A trade man made

When circular is your doom
You work out your boom

You search it in scriptures 
You pretend being holy

You go on exchange
And you form a chain

You go on prey and you hunt in pack
You overlook the man and you honour the slack 

It’s all but a jamboree 
Here a worry and there a fury.
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