Monday, July 6, 2009

Mind Fuck

I conclude that "Having two balls in your wOrld make you man. But allowing two more in your uni-wOrse wont' make you super-MAN, it only means you are legally sanctioned." :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P: gggggrrrrrr

Apparently-Appallingly and Abso-fucking-lutely, as of today I am a loud, proud and sound member of Its for all Jinki:-
a)Lag chuki hai.
b)Lag rahi hai
c)Lagne wali hai.
Though its 'sin'ister 'con'cerns are-FB,Orkut,Twitter but flagship is always flagship. Seats are on FCFS basis- just choose your option and click on the submit button. I, personally, fall in neither of the category but baaki sab achi tareh se 'lage-pade' hai err 'likhe-pade' hai.
Mission Statement of the company is "NAAM pe jao apni lagvao". Clearly, its totally opposite to all existing corporate philosophies that work on "KAAM pe jao apni lagvao" theme. Its not Roddick vs Federer its ''achet vs sach-et'

I always keep wondering why am I loosing my jobs? But then I never forget never to give it a damn.....(and the #cube-rats are still jealous of me....waaoooooo)

Changing the world is a useless pursuit; And Changing myself, even more futile.When legality of gays ensued overwehlming smile;Just wondering how it'll boost tourism -yeah, all this while.

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." -Alfred Hitchcock. But I heard' Kum(jyada)-bakk Itch-q" seriously tests the bladder's strength. So people, this time its not your time or money, its your bladder at stake. Rest is un to you.
R- "Unbelievably, he is the same guy who gave Hera Pheri"
Me-"Hera pheri" ek baar de di to matlab har bar le ga hamari. This 'King' has been enough 'Welcomed' its high 'Waqt' we throw him from Chandi Chowk to China. As such he loves cooking Chinese.Its time for him to go back to his roots or thrown back whatever. Matlab bahut ho gaya hai Bhool Bhulaaya. 'Garam Masale' ki hi aukaat hai uski."
G-"Matlab abb 'ji sa' lene de bechare ko.He can't even unzip anymore.God save thy Christ !".
Me-"What do you mean by Christ here just what exactly do you mean? Every Christ has a zip around it. What of those Christs who get kicked by wifes, girlfriends and even boy friends these days -First for taking them to theater late and then again for why taking them there at all?"
G-"ohh! And all those years I was wondering why did they hang him?"

I feel that if the prejudice against homesexuality was uncalled for so is the euphoria and umpteen media attention at the verdict. But then in a country so peaceful and prosperous and so devoid of poverty/child labor/unemployment/fundamentalism- homesexuality was the only pestering issue.waaooo. ----- GHANTA!
Me-"Actually its homOsexuality (typo) but then what's the difference?"
G-"The Big OOOO"
Me-"It should be small, I guess, at least initially"
G-"What is small or big for that matter? Its all RELATIVE. [:)"
Me-"Well Relativity's always been your forte. After all you slept with Einstein's pic always beside you and I am still confused how deeply you measured it :P). I guess Subjectivity/Objectivity/Lubricabity/Longevity/Strongevity all witty witty vities has a role of its own.But still you are very close, finally it boils down to RE-LAID-I-VITY"

Ravi, I Love You. Bhai tu bhabhi ko divorce dede, kidduu ko haam mil ke paal lenge. Aaj Gays sanctioned hue hai, kal ko Incest bhi ho gaayenge. Marry me, bhai kyonki mere dil ki baat to tu samjhta hai. You are not ma bhai you are my soul mate.

My followers are deserting me premising the ghettoed doesn't deserve them. I, too, think they are right. But point again is-shall I care at last? should I care at last?Or just again will I raise the finger and will show them the way to pavillion?(Last one is easier I guess, and I love easy things.)

#Followfucktards ?
Yes, since one year I am gaping void-as
a)Fuctards fuck the world.
b)Fucktards fuck the pun.
c)Fucktards are fun.
He already is, I wanna be one

Appa(rant)ingly, its raining and I am out of smoke WTF!! And there is an apparent warning both to my lungs and those followers of mine.

Hey, was it your tit-ti trick? Why you making me look like a novice when I prefer being a rookie?
And from now on I stay hardened on courtesy @TitsUp Tuesday. TitsUp just tell shall you be pointed all week or you'll force me to block uou Wed'n'de onwards?
FucK, Tits Up! you are 'incite-insight-inside-inwhite-ful'!And since you are sexually abusing me by not following me because of my sex, you are INBLIGHTFUL as well.

"Art is selective recreation of reality accordin to an artist's metaphysical value judgment." Will someone please tell me What The Fuck does that mean?

Someone rightly said 'TV is a great invention else instead of TV there would be people in bedroom.'

I am following what the doctor could've ordered but is finally dictated by a 'mor(e)on' and once again Wwwwwaaeo

Apparently, the cure to hangover isn't to drink more, it's all abt folding your ass and never challenge the drink again and drink more if possible.

Martha's decided she will do what she does best. O poor Martha! Thou has a blessed soul. May thou's life get its due.

I, Ajay, now, at the count of three, want everybody TO STOP LAUGHING AT ME-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stop it can continue if you have the balls..and I mean only two of them.....cos its not for super-men that I write......

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