Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year

So 2009 has finally arrived and I am surprised I am still alive. Yes, you are right I am gonna write about what I did last evening, how the year 2008 has been for me and what not shall I do in 2009.

First thing first-last evening five of us got out of our houses, sat in Shantanu’s new year’s new car and headed for Guliya Bhai’s office cum farm house (and by Bhai I mean BHAI and in every sense of the word). It’s our ‘The Destination’ in the world and for all of us better than ‘Urban Pinds’ and Hard Rock Caf├ęs of the world. We have a service boy at our disposal there who brings us Cigarettes, Chips, Chickens and in this flow of Cs i wanna say Chicks too-but this thing is strictly prohibited there and a reluctant thank to Guliya Bhai for this last clause. So, we arrived there armed with Old Monk and Smrinoff. And after each of us had done with the ritual I mean after everyone had spoken with their respective girlfriends, (I spend this time with Raju the service boy-‘where from Bihar, who else is in your family so on and so forth’. This is my way to avoid embarrassment and uselessly try to reassure myself about my singlehood.) we raised the toast to 2009. All was going fine but suddenly there was an altercation, between Sandy and Desu ‘u din take my call that day- I was in Gym, cell was at home and it went on and on.’ It was the minutest of the issue but it led to many a Ulhanees(long pending reciprocations).There was a clash in our ‘Company’, it was not normal, we drink every weekend but this was rare….all of us were involved in a while and it seemed a mess. K and Me are the usual suspects of our gang- we shrewdly avoid any discussion on us and fuel the fire by laughing at anything at everything spoken. We both were startled to see how ugly turn our bantering had taken.

It was something uncalled for but it had forced all of us to feel shocked. Enters M.The eldest among us and already he has made all of us chachus. So for this favor of him we reciprocate by paying attention to anything he says. He yelled some sermons and vows of friendship and believe me when you are four pegs down you don’t like to be educated. But situation was such we had to and at hindsight I think it was necessary as it helped in the soon to followed Maandwali. As soon as it was settled all of them yelled at me when I tried to imitate M by saying “come on yaar when ll we grow up” words were ok but not the timing and all of them shouted at me-
“South India jake tu apna culture bhool gaya hai, don’t you know it’s common here to follow a name with Gandu…pyar to isi se dikhta hai….aur haan hamne 2008 ki jitni bhadas nikalni thi naikal li”

“But I thought it was real.”

“It was real but not that serious as you take it.”

That’s how we all are-well organized in our randomness. Finally the mood was back We all played in loop that ragini from
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye-Tu Raja Ki Rajdulari and there was unanimous verdict-this is the best folk song from land of Haryana and for me the first complete Haryanvi song I listened. No, I am not into Pink Floyds, Metallicas, Pearl Jams and Coldplays of the world. It’s just that I grew up around Kumar Sanu and I still prefer him over everything. But to every lover of music I recommend this folklore-ruthlessly sung from heart-Yes, heart- throat is just a pretence here.

We drank heavily-Rum,Vodka all rolled into one. Jokes were back.We had seen two faces of our Dosti-in these two hours of two overlapping years.

But Me & Shantanu were still not convinced with the Cocktail-so we spoke in eyes and then we both smirked and rest of company yelled-
“Tanker ho gaye ho tum dono”
“So what-anybody game for Blenders Pride”

Desu joined us rest of them joined the call for a home drop. We dropped them one by one and reached to another Get Together where only Shantanu was invited for. We finished our dose of BP to calm our BP. Then we danced too, don’t know for how long, don’t remember how I reached home, don’t know where did I vomit all the frustrations of 2008, don’t know y I slept only in my newly bought Alcott Undy in minus one degree temperature and don’t know how I entered in 2009.

My dad took me to our farm or to be precise KHET today and we were there to inspect the seeded crop of wheat. He was saying- “This is the problem of outsourcing-yahan se sukha chhod diya- is bar yeh GHINKE hain (the crop is dense this time) , See those they were sowed one month ahead of ours but none can tell the difference now” and I was like what the hell is going on I was still under hangover - I still am.

As for 2008- another year gone by.

And 2009 -another year that would be, terrorists forbid, gone by.

As for things that I shall not do-

  • I shall not quit smoking. I prefer to burn myself and fade away than only fade away.
  • For my average tenure of six months in a company I shall not resign this time not unless I am assed out.
  • Even if chucked I shall not apply elsewhere and thanks Recession for raising my audacity.
  • I shall try not to bug people who like to mind their own business.
  • No, I shall not write any script or direct that Yashraj Banner flick that Mall I am trying to lease is too close to my heart.
  • I shall not force my HR Manager to read my blog after her declared verdict that I am too predictable in my sarcasm and abuses. And I think she is yet to grow up in thinking (wink)

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