Saturday, May 16, 2009

Erection Manifesto

Before you get a misdirected hard on, I clarify that one of the meaning of the word erection is also building up or putting up. This particular post is about political erection-or political built-up.

So the news is out. And Singh is King yet again. Really?? Let see. But one thing is for sure Advani G is history. He will always be remembered as the “The Majboot Prime Minister India never had.” But he can always look up to Warne “The best captain Australia never had.”

Quick Recap-People have re-elected the government. Means development is happening, governments are more responsible. A close look, BJP too did well in the states it had its own government. Again confirms development is happening, governments are more responsible. A still more close look- Are those in power have learnt to manage media and election campaign better? Have they learnt to play the development prank? If we look at Rajasthan, Harayana, AP, Bihar, TN, Gujrat, Karnatka, Delhi, Maharashtra, Orissa-it seems so. Anti incumbency is quaint, Pro-development is the buzzword. But Left (WB, Kerala) and their Sister Maywati(UP-under power-ed) failed here as well and to say they lost badly would be an understatement esp for Left.

Dynasty and G- Just a short while ago I was catching up live updates on NDTV where Scindia Baba from Gwalior was in the victorious mode. Barkha asked him to reflect on the verdict and usual suspects Pranoy, Vir and some other luminaries were also there.

Jyotiraditya- “I think this is a mandate to Rahul G’s vision and focus on development. Rahul G’s focus on youth and Rahul G’s concern for poor has been well and truly appreciated. Rahul G is the future of this country.”

Barkha- So you mean to say that the time has come for Rahul Gandhi to be PM?

Suddenly Vir reminds her to suffix Rahul Gandhi with G and every one in the studio had a laugh but there were wrinkles on my stomach after the laughter I had seeing all this. What a sight to watch when a more efficient, dedicated once Aristocrat calls his colleague of same age G six times in three sentences. Is this the way you wanna show respect? Is this the modern democracy? Sibbals, Dikshits and Sanghavis they are suckers. But I didn’t expect it from Scindia baba. But then ‘To each his own.’

Even Rahul G spoke about dynasty a fortnight ago.

“ Yes, I am a product of this system. But it’s not that the things can’t be changed. Now that you have made me GS(with out any qualification and experience) I will ensure democracy within and outside the organization.”

And this makes me think after all-

This, my darling, is the democracy beer,

Things are never sane, they are never clear;

So you think will come some one, who would steer,

Hang on as G is the only world you would hear.

So why feel sad when finally its time to cheer,

Just raise the toast its democracy beer- its democracy beer.

Talking about my own expectations, my own constituency has sent another heir to the parliament. It’s not long away when this junior will be the Hooda G of my state. In the last term when he made his political debut he chose ‘Land Cruisers only’ in his convoy. I won’t mind if he goes for Porsche this time. He’s AMMRIKKA returned after all. Last time he got sanctioned that 6-lane highway straight to the capital. This was the only significant thing he did in his entire tenure. But I don’t mind as land prices were up around 1cr/ acre just by the news of the sanction. This time I expect him to get that road laid actually as this will ensure the price to go around 1.5 cr. And this means I won’t have to work for the rest of my life with that 1 acre of land I have. Hooda G, I’ll pray for your CM-ship if you do it. And if you could some how bring that pending Metro-line which is just 7 km away my city I’ll pray for your PM-ship as well.

Please Hooda G, please do it.

I don’t want to work. Please do it.

No body gives me work. Please do it.

Give me that road and that metro. Please do it.

Do that and ask my vote, ask my support.

I will be happy and I’ll be pleased to do it,.

(This is a random post; senseless would be the right word. But this is what happens when there is a hung verdict of thoughts in your mind.)

P.S. 18/05: You could refer this if you wanna have a more structured description.

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