Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Does He Think He Is Anyway?

What’s the first thing you say when you find someone nasty?
What’s your reaction when you find yourself unable to deal with a man with no sign of conventionality?
What’s your response when you encounter sheer arrogance?
Finally, what’s your first reaction at a rebel?

Most of us end up saying
-‘who does he think he is anyway? Samajta kya hai apne aapko?’ So who is that man that brings the worst in us? No, we won’t include one’s boss as he’s most obvious but still a byproduct of situation. You guys go and explore yours and let me elaborate mine.

Salman Khan, Shane Warne, Sanju Baba, Shoaib Akhtar - they are controversy’s favorite kids. They just thrive on it. But they are no way near arrogant and they reflect no image of a mutiny. They are more of anti hero and Janta Janardan still have soft corner for them. Rakhi Sawant- she tries her best in her ugliness, silliness and sleaziness but again she is a no brainer.

But here I stop mentioning imponderables and come to the point.

Mr. Anurag Kashyap

Everything about this man is anything but normal and expected. He wrote his first movie,
Satya, at 22 and he didn’t start writing it at 12. He wrote the most revolting underworld saga in just 10 days. And he ended up being an antithesis of the man who gave him his first assignment-RGV. ‘Creative Differences’ they say.

At 27, when people in the film industry told him-
‘It ain’t happen like this.
You can’t do it without Stars.
Man, you would need money.’

He wrote and directed
Paanch with all first timers- from camera man to editor, from music director to art director, from Spotboy to the entire cast. Paanch is yet to be cleared by Government. He says ‘I did it out of anger’ but to the rest of us he ended up showing defiance- a tangible, watchable, feelable conviction.

He wrote
Black Friday in 36 bloody hours at a single stretch. He shot it in 68 days and at 70 real locations across the country with a crew counting 270. People in the Bollywood gave him Oscars and Five Stars but they didn’t go to see his film in the theatre. BF is the boldest movie in its content and in the audacity of its creator.

He gave Bollywood, its worst film ever,
No Smoking -as per critics (KJ). I wish there was awareness of Kafka in India. I wish people had read The Trial just to understand how great an attempt No Smoking is. For the kind information of the readers of this post NS has nothing to do with smoking. It’s about what happens when a man wants to live his life his own way. Smoking, there, is just one of the choices. But Kashyap still says ‘I knew the fate beforehand and I don’t give a circular fuck and I am still proud of NS.’

He showed Yashrajs the real Punjab and Real Red Delhi and mocked the opulence of Bhansali by showing a subdued
Dev, a more believable Paro and still more unapologetic but authentic Chanda. Dev D is not a great film but it’s a slap on conventions. It’s an honest film.

A long interaction with a former buddy, a buddy of his time of struggle, reveals ‘Once Kashyap was going to pay the rent to his landlord with the only 4k he had and had borrowed from someone. He saw a bookstore and bought books instead.’ He survived somehow. He is the most -well read writer-director in the industry and a self sufficient encyclopedia on world cinema. The buddy reveals when strugglers like him were finding it difficult to survive, Kashyap was getting 5k a day. The buddy changed the line and the city; he has a luxury car and a luxurious house in South Delhi today. Kashyap didn’t change himself he still doesn’t have his own shelter.

‘Yeda hai’ says the buddy about him-and tells most that interact with him end up with a reaction equivalent to ‘Who does he think he is anyway?’

His limited exposure in the media makes him my second best choice for this
‘Yeda’ award. I will reveal my first choice in the next post.

But Kashyap is my first choice as a filmmaker and as a man who stands up for himself-the one who speaks for himself and speaks against one and all. And if you too wanna have a second thought about the man - go and see
Gulal this Friday. This, according to the devil himself, is his best work. Me, I am too happy with the promo itself. It’s the best promo ever to have come out of Bollywood. I am going to pay just for the promo the rest of the movie will just be a bonus.

Keep treading your own road,
You may not get all the applaud,
But had you cared you won’t have taken the load,
For you have got a mind that is too broad,
And your every creation is nothing but an explode.
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