Friday, June 11, 2010

Poetry in Lotion

To Dreams-

"Dream on, guys" I say
"Come on, guys" I plead
Doesn't matter you fail
No big deal you succeed
Forget all want, forget what you need
Just water the plant, just plant the seed
No point in to follow when you are born to lead
Dream on guys I say Come on guys I plead

Absurdity at a glance-

Its been a day of fulfillment,
Its been a day of outcry,
Its been part silly, its been part sly,
Few things to confirm, most to deny,
When ground is a surety, why always sky,
Why always revolt, why not comply,
when there's nothing to hide why do they spy
kul mila ke chaploosi ka zamana hai Bhai.

With an instant charm she had arrived
With a lasting calm she was to strive
with flair she knocked, with words she described
with imagination she flamed, with aura she framed
with elagance she attacked, with beauty she claimed
now that she's gone not sure who is to be blamed

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