Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruthless Compassion

"If you were that concerned with your performance, motherfucker, you should have had a reality check as to where you stand." He wished Deep had said that but did not.

Rather, post the fiasco, both had a long, animated and a revolting debate about the whole issue. In normal circumstances, it would have been just another issue and would be forgotten after another of his self loathing fits. But this time he wanted to overcome it and more than him, Deep understood the need and before he could open his mouth, came out with threadbare analysis, with encouragement, with truth and more importantly with love. It helped, it more than helped, it exalted, it absolved, it liberated.

Yesterday was a special day. he informed Deep. "Remember, the day of breakdown is also the day for breakthrough, its only a matter of realization" prompt came another sermon.

Yes ,traits, combine them. Some are similar and more apart but acceptance of same by both irrespective of their place in the world, makes it unique. People in normal circumstance would term it understanding, some would call it a need based adjustment but to them its pure joy, sheer relaxation. Neither money nor comforts mean much to them. Despite some necessity or other in pipeline both laugh at the futility of it all. And despite all the sameness and coziness they share, its strange that both hold strikingly opposite life views.

While, Deep's universe revolves around love, he can't think of a world beyond achievement. Deep comes from inclusive school of thought. "Accept the people as they are, love yourself and you will loose the ability to hate". He on the other hand, as Deep would describe, has very complex filtering mechanism wherein even he himself fails the screening. "How can I love those imbeciles irrespective of how my personal equation is with them?" he usually laments.

But when dichotomy is cherished at both ends the journey becomes not contentious but "house on fire" kind. Every year he comes across a person who he becomes very fond of. Deep, he knows for four years now but affinity developed just recently. Normally, the things are normal but every now and then Deep has this knack to come up with something he wants to hear and when Deep mentioned "Ruthless Compassion" he didn't follow what came rest. He stayed put but went lost. Not that they were astoundingly big words but the essence was timing.

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