Friday, March 13, 2009

GULAAL -Review

I wrote in my last post ‘I am going to pay for just the promo of
Gulaal the rest of the movie would be a bonus’. No, it’s not a bonus it’s a Bonanza.

Story-Gulaal as the posters suggest is about LOVE, POWER & REVOLUTION. The main protagonist enrolls in a college for the love of his career and thinks he has found the love of his life. The supposed love and her brother are illegitimate and fight for the name and power they are entitled to. Then there is a revolutionary angle about the land and glory of the past with KK as its flag bearer. The rest of the cast revolves around it.

Characters & Execution- Nikhat Kazmi wrote in TOI today ‘characters are not well written.’ This, for your kind information Ms. Kazmi, is the best example of how characters are written and their evolution is shown beautifully through the course of the movie. She didn’t understand the character of Ms Anuja(Jessy Randhava). I ask ‘will you understand what happens when a female teacher is locked naked in a room with her student?’ That was trauma depicted at its subtle best. Someone please ask Ms. Kazmi ‘who janam se hi ullo ki pathi hai ya usne koi course kiya hai?’ (This is in the movie). Kazmi is okay with first half but she has problem with second half. First half is a Blast a blast never seen in the past and second half only complements the first one and in no way slows it down. Kazmi also has problem with screenplay. For your kind information Nikhattu ji ‘Gujjar Andolan’ just a few months back halted the life in South Delhi for a good few hours and you will have to come out of your Metro hangover just to realise colleges in hinterland are actually like this. Now, you may give him 3 stars or 3-2(teen ghate do) star ‘usse jhaat pharak nai padta’(this is also in the movie.)

Casting and Performances-This was one of the rarest occasions when I saw the name of a casting agent in titles and how great a job he has done. Brilliant. The roles are well written and dialogues even better. So when you are given the platform to put your best foot forward the performances are supposed to be commensurate. And not even a single one disappoints. KK is Great as usual. The girl who plays the illegitimate sister and female protagonist (Sayra Mohan) is diabolically dhinchaak. So is Ransa(Abhimanyu Singh) and Bhati(Deepak Dobriyal), Mahi Gill and everyone.

Music & Camerawork- These have been Kashyap’s forte in all of his works. Look of film is dreading, dark and thus deadly. Music is folkish thus relevant and lyrics poetic. The modern take on ‘Sarfaroshi Ki Tammana & Yeh Duniya agar Mill Bhi Jaye tau Kya hai’ are revelations.

Some personal weird musings-Kashyap says the movie is based on the song from Pyaasa- Yeh Duniya agar Mill Bhi Jaye tau Kya hai’ but I personally find it an Indian answer to Goodfellas . Both Goodfellas & Gulaal in their own different way tell what happens when you are born in a Murkier & Gorier surrounding. You try to alter your course and you end up saying 'yeh duniya agar---'. Martin Scorsese gave Hollywood its De Niro and Kashayp its Indian equivalent KK. Scorsese-De Nero combo has given Hollywood some of its best Noir and B genre work and Kashyap-KK bond is defining Indian neo-realism. (Balck Friday, Paanch & Gulal).

I hereby request the readers not to make another Omkara of Gulaal. Men, just give the devil his due finally. But I know you won’t listen. Your spouse is adamant to make
Singh the King yet again and you will give up for the sake of your Partner.

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