Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meanderers' Musings

She: This ‘fuckery’ called life; I had grasped its nature long before you did.
He:    Are you sure? And what’s sooner or later for that matter?
She:  The only way to kill this eternity is to believe in those small things like they really do matter.           
He: I envy you not for your intellect but for your patience.
She:  But it’s not about patience neither intellect, you ability (or lack of it) to feign interest in people is your only survival kit.
He: ‘Man is a social animal’! Fuck that! Can’t it be just animal?
She: Can’t a Secular Democratic Republic do what it’s meant to do; i.e. provide equal opportunity irrespective? Stop kidding idiot.
He:  It’s not your ‘know it all’ attitude that irks me; it’s your near perfect observations that upset me.
She: And it’s not your delusions, it’s your child like belief in your hopes that amazes me.
He:   For a guy with no weekend schedule, for a grown up with no retirement plans, from a rational idealist to absurdity’s flag bearer, doesn’t my range impress you?
She:  This ‘lookhagiri’ is worth to die for but for my inability to give a damn ;)
He:  Alas! This could be limited to you only and not be all pervasive.
She: Lols! This loser like lamenting, doesn’t it demean you?
He: But mocks also that portrayal of some vague idealist.
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