Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Crap

That day A & J discussed practicality and feasibility. It had been a couple of months for their creative ideas gone directionless. The room was full of smoke, with a psycho gone on a rampage in the background. Both liked the extremist in its full color but they were also arguing over something.

They thought and they fought
They fought but they wrote.

Cut To:
INT. Room—Night
Just a little fine-tuning and mark
my words “It will rock-It will rock, man”

But can’t we still work on something
unique, never done before stuff?
This thing we just talked, its been shown all over.

Unique! Unique (huh)
Listen man, there’s got no taker
for your unique idea. Be practical. Give
the fuckers what they want and we got
an entire life to explore uniqueness

But that’s not how I work.
I am not here to be just another attention
hungry parasite. I left everything so that
I could give something meaningful

Its too difficult to make you understand, man.
Masala! Give them masala. And we can experiment
if only we got something behind us.

The temperature of the room had gone higher. The psycho had hung himself but not before claiming his final victim. There was uneasiness but it wasn’t uncommon. Both had this show-down on a daily basis.

If this story has to work
all of them got to die.

But why death? Its so easy to kill than
to make an impact keeping something alive.
Death is the first resort of creative impotents.

Happy ending never happens in real life and
this reality you calling impotence, has to be shown
as it is. This story will only look meaningful only if all of
them die. As such they die piecemeal, every fucking day

By the way nobody gives a fuck even to story.
The availability and date of the star is the key.
And since us being new, fucking producer will put
a limit to the budget. Nobody risks money on a newbie
unless you are well plugged and has sucked their ball for
too long.

They had smoked away their cigarettes and they badly needed tea. It was 3.30 in the morning and they knew Lokhandwala circle was calling.

EXT. Road Night
While on the road they kept arguing the story, they kept fighting on the whats and hows of the industry they were in.
You start writing this and this will
be our ticket to the big thing.
Bloody, we got something none other has.

Everyone around has got something J,
but the real thing is how you present it and how
you execute it. If we start with something like we
just discussed, we will be labeled and I
don’t want that to happen.

The world doesn’t run on what you want
and what you don’t. There’s been defined
a procedure for everything. And these rebels look good
only after they have success, it’s so killing in real life.

It’s not about being rebel, it’s about being you.

They finally get to the pan-shop and order 2 cutting special and chaiwala hands them over their respective brand of cigarettes.

EXT. Pan Shop Night
How many do you think consider
art as art and not as business. So few J, so
very few and this is where lies our chance

I understand what you are trying to say but still
it has to have something that confirms to their
thinking. If you take a sensational subject, something
they have never heard before, it will be difficult for them
to digest. That’s why saying just do this project first and we
can only negotiate after we’ve delivered something

It all boils down to choice J and if we fail to choose
this time, I am afraid all life we’ll have to compromise.

Just cut the crap, we are going to show all of them
in a hospital fighting for life and you are writing the
entire body now. Just finish this stuff and I’ll show you
the way where our choice shall matter.

They finish the tea and take a walk back home. As usual somewhat unfinished but mostly charged. They write, they write and in next few hours finish what they had been arguing. Finally they both had agreed on the overall flow of the work. They both are happy and know that their work has the might to stand the test of time. But how far it goes only future will tell.

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