Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inanely Incurable

Me1:Now what?
Me2:The void.
Me1:Self imposed?
Me2:Of course.
Me1:Any wayout?
Me2:Yes, the exile.
Me1:Any chance of uniformity?
Me2:In hell, may be.
Me1:The more you think, the ugly you think.Right?
Me2:The mind is designed that way.
Me1:But why vent out?
Me2:Else, the mind may explode.
Me1:And you once said liquor, smoke, sex could do to calm?
Me2:They don't.
Me1: Why you are the way you are?
Me2: I am doomed to be a spoilsport.
Me1: And you think blabbering on social network could help.
Me2: But neither does silence.
Me1: It's always the darkest, before the dawn.
Me2: You jerk, it's only pitchblack from there.
Me1: If your 'dilusion of grandeur' is incurable try to put it to some use.
Me2: It won't be a delusion then.
Me1: The more you wander the jocular you become.
Me2: The quiter I become, the sooner I choke.
Me1: You are a thankless creature.
Me2: In more ways I am.
Me1: Gratitude, is immense by the way.
Me2: Only to invite humiliation.
Me1: Half a decade is still a long time to learn lessons that aren't taught in B-schools.
Me2: I have maufacturing defects.
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She: So new year, new beginning-aaye haaye marr zaava.
Me: Bitch, try if you can be even more caustic.
She:But doesn't it work with you that way?
Me: And sometimes I need compassion as well.
She:I am incapable of to be compassionate--to you.*winks*
Me: If I didn't see Dominique in you, i wudda tataoed you long back.
She: The longer you stay in Rand-dom the longer shall your misery be.
Me: I am over that witch by the way, to a large extent except where it connects me to you.
She: 'My King of Romance' I am flattered. *Blushes*
Me: And there, there you hurt me Bitch-the most.
She: And there, there I hang off. CIAO.
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