Thursday, January 12, 2012


She: So new year, new beginning-aaye haaye marr zaava.
Me: Bitch, try if you can be even more caustic.
She:But doesn't it work with you that way?
Me: And sometimes I need compassion as well.
She:I am incapable of to be compassionate--to you.*winks*
Me: If I didn't see Dominique in you, i wudda tataoed you long back.
She: The longer you stay in Rand-dom the longer shall your misery be.
Me: I am over that witch by the way, to a large extent except where it connects me to you.
She: 'My King of Romance' I am flattered. *Blushes*
Me: And there, there you hurt me Bitch-the most.
She: And there, there I hang off. CIAO.
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