Monday, May 18, 2009

Erection Manifesto-II

Ok I am still not done with this political thing. So emerges our new hope, new leader Rahul Gandhi G. I quite understand the hype and media attention being showered on this man for last three days. Our media, after all, is a congregation of well-spoken jerks whose only qualification is heisting and heralding and hoisting-the hype. Let us analyze Mr. Gandhi one by one-

Going alone in Up & Bihar- Saddi Barkha(NDTV) and also Aurnab(Times Now) the other day concluded not exactly in same words but in more or less similar sentences and they were “ Rahul has emerged not only as a face but also as the mind behind Congress. His decision to go alone in UP & Bihar was nothing less than a political masterstroke.” Now, what rubbish is that? Some one sticks it up your ass and leaves you on your own and some how you are able to pull it out miraculously. But does that mean you are some magician? Lallu leaves you 3 seats out of 42 and Mulayam doesn’t give you a chance even to negotiate. In that case do you need to be a nuclear scientist to realize that you have but to go alone? In Bihar they got only 3. Talking about UP, the credit goes to the other Gandhi more than Rahul G. His hate speech, SP’s concerted attempt to sideline computers and Azam Khan, and Mayawati’s flip-flop on Varun made Rahul G the only viable alternative. Did some one say Luck by Chance?

Rahul G’s Victorious Speech -“I am proud of poor people of this country, I am proud of youth of this country for this unprecedented verdict. I don’t think of short term, I am here for long term.”

I am proud of the poor people of this country- Why shouldn’t you be, dear? After all this poverty is the only thing you father, grand mother and grand forefathers have given to this nation. And you know as long as there are poor; there is every chance for you to exploit them. The funny thing about poor people is that you call them poor, you show them sympathy, spend night in their homes and they will be proud of their poverty, they will do anything for you. They did it in the past, have done it now and they will do it in the future. “Congress ka haath, gariib ke saath.” has some literal meaning. Ain’t it?

Youth and Rahul G-BJP, Left and the rest of the power-hungry ignorants didn’t realize there were over 10 million first timers. In marketing terms this segment was totally unaddressed. So here I give Rahul G full marks to exhort the change makers-the youth. There was a good campaign on youth by the congress party and it seems to have paid well.

I don’t think of short term, I am here for long term-Now this is a very shrewd statement. It could be easily used as a winner’s humble response. But in future he might use it for his inefficiency, inability and poor track record as well. But talking about long term rest assured, Gandhi family will rule this country as long as this country lasts. So you don’t need to tell you are here for long term.

Sweet Dictator or Proxy Dictator is our Gandhi Family-Every time a head rises against the family it gets beheaded faster than its rise. Ever since I started following politics, it happened with N.D. Tiwari, Rajesh Pilot, Sharad Pawar and lately Arjun Singh. Rao G lasted a full term but where and how he and his successors disappeared as soon as Madamji took charge nobody knows. Not that they were qualified and deserving but even if they were, they would’ve met the same fate. No, we won’t talk Manmohan Singh G. I don’t go by the premise that he is an over estimated economist or an underestimated politician. He’s simply reduced to nothing. He is simply nothing these days. Surprisingly there is never any hate speech or comment against anyof the rebels from 10 Janpath. This is what I call proxy dictatorship or Sweet Killing. The congress party is a racket and one enters it to serve not nation but Gandhi family.

Why hope is a dangerous thing?-Before you conclude that I am being paid by BJP or some other party, I clarify no. I am not. If any optimist BJP followers think that this defeat will give BJP a food for thought. That it would be able to reposition and realign itself to reality and sanity, I bet you he is deluding himself. BJP’s next-gen is hopeless and to quote Vir Sanghavi, ‘they are young jerks.’ Even if some one tries to outshine, RSS is there to keep a tab and they are, by no means, sweet dictators. On a personal level I find Rahul Gandhi an honest and sincere workhorse tho. But my problem with Rahul G’s evolution is his empty brain and irrelevant focus. He doesn’t understand technology, he has no-idea of foreign policy and in this back drop expecting him to be well versed with economy would be a big ask. Now this dumb fellow is going to be the media baby for the next five years. He will keep ranting ‘pro-poor’ and ‘yes- youth’ slogans. And yes he will keep making the usual media blunders he’s habitual of and clueless about. But who cares when nobody cares.

So you think he is the one,

Doesn’t that sound like a pun?

You hope that things will turn

But Tis the only way you will learn.

Hope my dear is a dangerous thing,

It never lets you come out of the ring,

Slowly and slowly it erodes the zing.

Hope will not end until you rue this fling.

We, as a nation, in fact need an idea- a social change concept. “A patriot must always be ready to defend its country against its government-Anurag Kashyap in Gulaal.” Now I don’t know what I want to say. May be you can read this. (if there is any energy left)

P.S. If you think you are jaded believe me not more than me. Politics is a bad thing even to write about. Never did I feel so exhausted with my writing. But I had to write it.

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