Monday, May 11, 2009

Aditya Lunch

I was on my sarcastic and jocular mode just five minutes ago. I wrote some forcefully funny comments and thought I am good at sarcasm. In short was feeling good for myself. Our maid was on leave today so we had ordered dinner from Aditya Lunch (they do serve nice parathas). The boy came and everything was gone in a moment. He is 11 years old and I couldn’t dare ask his name. This is the sight I keep running away from don’t know since when. He is a happy cheerful kid. Unaware of anything (ignorance is bliss-fuck that).

Whats your age?
11 years.

Its 12’o clock what time do you go home?
1 bajj jaata hai bhaiyya.

And what time you are back in the morning?
7 baje.

How much do they pay you?
1200. Kuch aur achha hai to batao na bhaiyya .

You want to go to school? (Asked as if I am the only savior and could arrange for it)
He was going away don’t remember what he said.

So I am feeling bad.
  • What difference does it make?
  • And I think I am the only sufferer, fuck me.
  • I won’t call Aditya Lunch again as if it would help in my escape.
  • I won’t eat now as if my Satyagrah would empower me with some magical stick.
  • And even if in future I am able to support 1-2 kids it would be a guarantee for no such sight.

    Life is a bitch and it’ll keep reminding I am a dog, wherever I go.
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