Thursday, January 19, 2012


Warning: The following short story is a work of fiction and any resemblence to any person/thing living or dead is deliberate and purely intentional. *blinks*

The world outside the window was at its usual pace. It was not often that he would walk down the memory lane at this hour of the day. But today he got reminded of her and the world she would portray. Gurls are emotionally stable and she made no exception, except that her intellect would set her apart. ‘Honor and purpose go together until you choose humiliation as your destiny.’ she once remarked off handedly. Sillier with the silly and nicer with the brilliant, she always was. Simple and benign thoughts she would use for the commoners and her insights she would use sparingly. Chirpy and vivacious on the exterior, she was quite the thoughtful in her personal space. Only few can enjoy the crowd and the solitude with equal elan that she often would. Simple to be with she was quite the enormous in her ambitions and in her expressions.

‘Be the change you want to see, you jerks. Don’t ruin yourself in the wastful.’ she once addressed. From the time immemorial she had a firm grip on the functioning of the world. She knew the audacity it requires to live on one’s own terms. Not that being different was a fad to her, it’s just that nothing else would entice her. ‘Half measures and you are done. You can either be a cocksucker or a total rebel. You can’t be a cocksucker rebel.’ she declared often. Not many people are adept at believing in their beliefs and doubting their doubts. You are either blessed or you are not. She was fortunate to be endowed innate.

‘But your life, my dear, is The Myth of Sisyphus. And until you start enjoying fiddling with the stone, it’ll keep coming and haunt you.’ she once told me. Not that I was ignorant about it, but coming from her in so crisp and clear a way, it stays in the mind till date. No wonder after years of incommunicado, I still think of her. No guess her world view and her understanding of philosophy of life still spurs me in parts. ‘Fight, Arjun, fight. Fight for the sake of fighting. No reason can be grand as that.’ she would often proclaim while steering the wheel of life. Spreading the message of the God, her life itself had become the message.
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