Monday, August 10, 2009

And I am Ranked #60 on Indiblogger

I got this mail this morning.

Dear Ajay,
We're happy to announce that IndiRank has been updated. The new rank for your blog "Known Sense"is now 60. You can now proudly display your IndiRank on your blog with a slick, customizable widget:

Try it out and we do hope you like it. :-)

Keep blogging,
The IndiBlogger Team

And was I happy? My first reaction was 'YAY'. But then I held myself back, I clicked on the link. It didn’t open. But I was too excited and tried for next half an hour, still no luck. Then I told myself, this is India’s biggest hub for BLOGGERS. Who the hell are bloggers by the way? I don't know but I know they are talked about a lot these days. But by the time it opened, I had done my own calculations and thought I am in top 60 among few thousands and since it was unexpected I had smsed many people about it.

The theory and premise of IndiRanking is THIS. However, I am pasting underneath the crux..

IndiRank - Ranking of Indian blogs What is IndiRank? Is it like a report card?
No, we have no intention of reminding you of the nightmares you had in school. IndiRank is a system we built to rank the blogs in the IndiBlogger network. Although we manually verify every blog before it's allowed into the network, the IndiRank system is completely automated.

What does the IndiRank mean?
It's like runs in a game of cricket - the higher the score, the higher ranking you have. Blogs are ranked on a scale of 1-100, although the highest ranks are in the range of 70-80.

How is IndiRank calculated?
A blog's IndiRank is calculated based on various factors. Most blog ranking systems rate how popular a blog is. We've taken it a step further based on how deserving a blog is of becoming popular. This is to ensure that the lesser known, but well deserving blogs are pushed up the ladder as well. IndiRank will be completely refreshed every month, so a blog's previous rank will have no bearing on it's present rank.

Why is my rank so low? I deserve a better rank!
We believe that any ranking system should not be taken too seriously - and that is because no sytem can be accurate. IndiRank is built to rank the majority of Indian blogs as accurately as possible using the tools, methods and technology available to us. Please do take note:

a) Not every blog applies to our algorithm, and a blog may get a rank it does not deserve.
b) IndiRank is presently in beta, and we'll continually tweak it based on it's performance.
c) No piece of computer code can ever judge your blog as well as your readers can - so get your blog reviewed on our forum if you haven't done so already!

So, its clear, bloggers with 70-80 scores are the best. And I am on 60 as per those experts, a good 10 points away from the best bloggers!! Hell do I care? If those bests, follow my swearing in the last post, they will plead me to be lenient so that they could write something. I am on 60!! Suck you.

I am not too sure if by giving me 60 they want to market their mutual masturbation hub through my blog. Ohh yeah, they might. But since its my only rank ever, apart from an entry to a so called ranked B-school, I am keeping it as it is. Also, they might be of the view that 'I need to be read more'. I don't know it's for you guys to decide.

(You can now proudly display your IndiRank on your blog )
Proud??? GHANTA!! I shall never be proud until I am the best, if ever, I want to be ranked at all. I had joined this Indiwood just to see how they scratch each other's balls and how I should avoid that stuff and preserve my originality whatever little it is.

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