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So finally I am show-shall-I-zed (Socialized) in Mayanagri. It was a media event followed as usual by cocktails and mock trails. I loved it. I am not good in building rapport but here I seem to have done decent if not great. ‘K’ that’s what I call him; he made sure my entry was without a fuss. K is my SPOC for anything and everything in this city. And he’s been amazing so far. Through out the party he kept telling me time and again “Don’t you worry dear, I will push you along. Just keep doing your stuff and you never know when your day comes.”

It was full of media-maniacs for it was a media quiz. After K had formally introduced me to a couple of chicks and an actor, I hit straight to the bar. Men, 45 days in the city and only 10 of them wet and that too with Old Monk, I was desperate. ‘Bacaradi with Sprite’ I asked. And after I had two mouthfuls I realized I was there for socializing after all. Talking about the people K introduced me to, one chick was real hot, the other one was decent, and the actor looked like a struggler. And if something dramatic doesn’t happen he’ll end up a struggler. I am assuming he’s as good an actor as I am a writer and so will meet the same fate until Divine Interventions.

That Bacardi boosted my belief. But I was still in my senses; confidence was there but not enough to approach the cynosure-the hot one so I caught the lesser hot of the two.

“What’s you name? I didn’t get?”

“Su-V.” (Mind you it su+vi and not SUV)

“Ajay. What do you do, Su-V?”

“I am an AD with a newly launched production house.”

“That’s great. Even I wanna assist some one. Though I think I am here as a writer.”

“Ohh you are writer! So what exactly are you writing?”

“That I can’t tell you as even I don’t know what it is. But will tell you when it’s done.”

This AD girl she was decent but not much glamorous. Agree, she is not there to sizzle the 70 mm but then she didn’t seem Mira Nair either. (Yup friends I am a dog and can’t help it.) Appreciation is not my forte nor is assessing people rightly but I wish her luck though.

And that bombshell was finally around too. Suddenly I got kicked to ask her

“What’s your name I didn’t get it?” (It’s cliché but worked here as well)

“I am Anna. So what are you writing?” (She has a good memory)

Ahh! I smiled. “I’ll tell you when it’s done. What about you?”

“I do anything and everything. I am a VJ with Me-too-Tv (Mtv). I have done theatre, was an RJ and looking for my big break, I am also doing a travel show.”

I smiled as I couldn’t continue further. In fact this all is my limit. Though she was cordial and smiling rest of the evening but this after all was my limit.

This gal was quite unusual for a hot one. She ate much more than her petite figure indicated. She was normal no-air girl. However, her dress created quite a storm. Despite my above average fashion quotient I still don’t know what that outfit is called. Ok let’s call it a two and half feet gown-sexy but not cheap-neither in price nor in appearance.

Both the girls were decent, down to earth. May they get to their dreams and may they read this post after they are successful.

Suddenly Mr. AB- the big daddy of advertising and media and the man behind this ‘do’ arrives. Men, did I have a blast meeting him? He’s very cordial, good man manager and energetic and one hell of a garrulous man. I introduced myself as his friend’s protégé and informed I am in his LinkedIn network as well. He seemed appreciative especially of the latter one. Ok in short why did I like him?

a) He is big-time movie buff. Yes, most people claim so but he really is. And these days all I want is people who I can talk, walk and stalk cinema with.

b) He was spending his time with young ambitious people instead of fornicating within his own fraternity. Hallmark of a man with a difference.

c) He loves to write his own rules and he writes them when he is flying. Interesting.

In fact he was the brain behind the quiz. The media encyclopedia he is, he hand-picked and created the quiz all by himself. And you know what the funniest answer was to a normal question:

Q: Who is ‘Bunty and Bubli’ of Indian Media?

A: Its Peter and Indarni Mukherjee (9x) for running away with promoters money.

He spent about a good one hour with us and 20 minutes he spent talking about ‘Charlie Wilson War.’ Great flick, must watch, it’s sensational. It's the story of how Taliban was created. Ten minutes he spent talking about Eastwood and when he couldn’t recollect the name of his latest movie he was desperate. ‘It’s the name of vintage FIAT car, come on men, don’t you know?’ Gran Torino it was but none could recollect it then. The disappointment the man had when he couldn’t get the name, killed almost all his enthusiasm. But even with his dying exuberance he was able to annoy most of us with his tongue skill. He kept talking and talking but I, for one, really loved it as he was talking cinema. He talked about how he wishes to bring Spielberg in India. To this I asked why not Tarantino, Coen Brothers? This was the only instance when he showed generation gap with the usual retort “Too much blood, too much violence.”

But all through he kept asking that actor “But man tell me how do you deliver the dialogue?” And you know what the actor even replied once ‘I don’t do it with out script.” Before he realized he was being taken for a ride it was too late for the artist.

Thanks K for this free ki Bacardi, good sumptuous food and more importantly for providing me with the chance to meet some very interesting and enterprising people.

People I am sending the link to AB and what you say, would he think?

a) Desperate, imbecile, retard-complete waste of my 5 minutes.(he reads fast, make it 2)

b) You over estimated your writing skill by comparing yourself with the actor.

c) Why should I care, I attend such parties every weekend?

d) Even though you are OK but it’s recession dear.

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