Saturday, July 18, 2009

Facebook Sucks

Today’s has been an interesting if disgusting day thanks to Facebook and a neo geek pal of old times. I am pasting underneath a mail conversation about my techno-illiteracy and Geek’s prophecy.

“Hey Techie, tell me what to do with this Damru (that in process mouse icon) in Facebook. It’s been thirty hours now, I am able to login but can’t type anything. Any way out? Reply fast or that Join JIET campaign you are running for that jocular institute of ours, I will turn that into a Joke JIET series. What else am I supposed to do for an institute that gave me a computers degree knowing fully I know nothing about it. BTW, I use Seesmic client for both Twitter and Facebook but that too is more suitable for Twitter, FB is problematic there as well”

“Man, there is no problem with FB. All you need is a fast connection, at least, 512 Kb. That’s it.”

"But that’s the problem. Can’t I use it with my 128? Those suckers have made a good application, can’t they simplify it? "

“It’s billion dollars company with millions of users. Had there been a problem there would be chaos already?”

“But when I can open Twitter and Orkut and everything why not FB. Thanks nonetheless for sharing a profound secret.”

“Remove those additional applications in case you are lucky and that Damru showers mercy and stops dancing. And if still not done, sell that PC and if possible your empty brain, too. Though there would be hardly any taker but since there is a space crunch in that adopted city of yours, may be someone could find this empty brain of yours- a good storage alternative. College is not to be blamed. College is for fun, learning is an individual’s take or how else so many from the same shit would be doing so well.”

“Man I had thought you were a geek and I had solicited for a technical tweet. But now that you are philosophizing, just listen, FB sucks-FB sucks. Its vague in its positioning. Its useful and popular but not clear weather it wants to compete with Orkut or Twitter. At the moment it’s trying to do both. Also, it’s greedy, much focus on ad revenue and less on relevance. It’s feature-rich but too heavy otherwise. Those quizzes are fun for a while but soon enough they start weirding one out and you know it. Nobody shares their mind there but those fucking silly quiz outcomes. WTF! When at same time I can open-Orkut, Twitter Seesmic and etc and etc why can't I open Facebook? This is a fucking social networking site and not a live graphic research lab. Speed, you are talking? The state of network infrastructure in India, entire Silicon Valley knows for it outpourse all its collective junk here. So FB guys should also know it and adapt accordingly. It’s been designed by a kid and this 18 years old boy knows what the world wants-Easy User Interface-Easy User Interface. You are right I may not be able to login as FB guys know the moment I am, the first thing I am going to delete are not those applications you suggested but the account itself.”

“Man, please don’t do it. You know what, all the user base and brand value of FB rests on your being a member there. If you do that FB will have to shut the shutters and I love FB. So, please don’t do it.......

Incidentally, FB is great, Orkut is crap Twitter is revolution.”


  1. Facebook sucks.
  2. Facebook is Great, Orkut is Crap, Twitter is Revolution.
  3. It’s not the curiosity it’s the ignorance that kills the cat every day.
  4. Geek is from the JIET, I am from the JIET and we shall stay same, however much we try.
  5. Stop expecting and you will never be hurt and start from your own self.
P.S. I am still not able to log in. Waao! It saves my time.
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