Monday, September 21, 2009

Megalomaniac Manyfestation-II

• If believing in human potential more than believing in God makes me an atheist and thus always a subject of scorn-Yes, I am and prepared for the consequences.

• If trusting my own intelligence more than anything else and with out any hint of regret makes me haughty, arrogant and overtly estimated-Yes, I have a superiority complex.

• If my troubled childhood and horrific blunders committed out of ignorance, temptation and in the spur of the moment fills me with chronic guilt-Yes, I am inferiority complexed.

• If believing people too soon and get cheated in exchange is a habit I can’t get rid of and turns me into a practical joke-Yes, I am a witless clown.

• If believing, pinnacle is the only option, ensures I am in an eternal reverie-Yes, I am autistic.

• If being happy in the company of people but happier in my own space makes me inconsistent-Yes, I vary.

• If hating my own people much as loving them scorches me endlessly- Yes, I am always in a deriding dichotomy.

• If running away from acquaints just because I feel suffocated with them and in the name of personal calling shows I am indecisive, thankless and selfish-Yes, I am irresponsible, coward and heartless.

• If not giving a damn to anything irrespective of reputation just because all sincere attempts were mocked and snubbed, labels me an indecent, rude rash and unacceptable bastard-Yes, I am an awkward brat.

• If proclaiming myself a protagonist just because all my peers are professionally much better placed announces I am a jealous-Yes, I am evil.

• If commonplace and abundant mediocrity have made me a doubter-Yes, I am skeptic.

• If my emotional errings, idealistic idiocy and financial fiascos have trimmed my life cycle to an extent-----------------------------------dunno what next?

*Ends prematurely* (I guess)

P.S. This is my forth attempt in last 40 days to post here. The last three lasted from compose to saved draft stage for a week each before being aborted in the womb. So, if this one, you think, is weird, trust me I have saved you the horror.
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